Guys I need desperately help!

My name is Martin and I am graphic designer. I have recently stumbled across big issue - everything I upload is being rejected as they claim my work doesn’t match quality standards…
Here are some examples of my work Portfolio

Is it really that bad? I mean iStock is accepting almost everything I submit to them!
Also I am selling my work at fiverr which goes pretty good.
Please someone explain me what is wrong with my art… :frowning:

Nothing’s wrong with your art. As I said in another thread, they seem to be rejecting randomly. That would explain why a lot of terrible designs (at least logo templates) are getting approved.

Has it ever happened here? I really hope it will not last forever… :confused:

Try to ask for help to the Envato Team, I think your work is perfectly fine!

I would love to ask them but how do I do that? (sorry for the silly question I really have no idea how to contact them :P)

Yea is veeery hidden!!

They don’t want to be contacted constantly for every small issue. Tell them
we think your work meets the standards.
Good luck

Oh thank you so much! :slight_smile:
very appreciated

Yea they review things quickly, they can make mistakes. An item of mine got
rejected and now has 2k sales XD

Omg… But it is really awesome :))

This is a very good illustration for sure! I would suggest removing the ‘cog wheel’ in the back and perhaps replace it with a tree or two. I can spot the subtle snow flakes, but perhaps you can pronounce them more with some added white variations. Also consider adding white snow or white dots to delineate snow pouring. By the way, Hi, it’s Dion from Fiverr!

Oh hey! :slight_smile:

its kinda funny when you are trying hard to meet standards and than you see some very bad designs, with no real selling worth got accepted. I am new to all this and its ok for me to be rejected but than you see some bad design and you get angry.



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Did you mean to send it somewhere else and pasted it here? Because this is quite weird :smiley:

make the Snowflake a bit transparent then what is now.

But is a great design, I like it!

Thanks for the tip :wink:

one more thing you should change…

you have 4 snowflake with the same style but different opacity. try to come up with variation of the snowflake. In nature you can’t find 2 snowflake the same :smiley:

I wanted it to look like a sort of pattern oh well, will try that :wink: Thanks
for advice