Complaint against other author they use my product without having extended licence

Hi all,
Where I can place a complaint against other author. They are useing my product without having extended licence.

You can let support know although remember they don’t have to have an extended license if you have given permission to use it unless you stipulated it as a requirement

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How did you find it, just curious?

The first thing I’d do is double check the person actually needs an extended license for whatever it is they’re using it in. I’m sure you’re right, and you know the rules, but I do see quite a few instances of people being under the impression that the buyer needs an extended license when actually they don’t… so thought it important to double check!

Hi !

I saw on themeforest portal a user named [Removed] are selling admin template , that admin template look like same as my plugin ( Hoe sidebar navigation). They are using same theme , same function logic and functionally. After it i have make a mail to mr. [Removed] and asked about plugin licence. He told me they have only regular licence. They are using my plugin without having extended licence and it will impact on my sale. Please do the needful.


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Please don’t call out authors or files in forums.

If you have issues with a file then contact support. Thanks

Ok , I will Take care in future .

They can’t include your file in their item for sale within the marketplace without your permission, in addition to having purchased an extended license.

You should contact support and tell them your story :+1:

Hello Typps,

I asked from author and recheck licence agreement. They are using my item with regular licence. But if any author or person sale any product with using another item then they need extended licence.

They also need your explicit permission. Just buying an extended license is not enough.

When you contact support tell them that your item is being used by an author who did not ask for permission nor purchased an extended license. Include your communication with that author as well.

Yes , Already I have mentioned about permission and licence .