Extended License Usage


I have an application on Codecanyon that is using TinyMCE, and I saw a plugin for TinyMCE that I would want to use in the application I am selling on CC.


Does buying an extended license allows me to include it in my application ?


No - you have to have express permission from the original auhtor to use it including whatever license etc. they want you to have.

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You need written permission from the Original Author.

By the way, I think, the Envato support members should also know this fact and permission issue. Because one Author included my Item WP Quick Booking Manager Pro as a giving away free item within his so called theme, without asking for any sort of permission from me even without purchasing any License. Then I asked the Support team to take necessary action. Then that Author purchased an Extended License for my Item after my complaint. After that the Envato support member, tells me that the Author purchased your Extended License so it is fine . How Funny is that ??? A Thief just paid for your Stolen Thing ??? He even did not read the License agreement and he also knows that the License has been purchased after my complain still he says, it is Fine. The Stealing Author would Not get punished ???

This is simply Piracy.

As I have NOT given the Written Permission, so I want to see, what the Support decides eventually.
But, of course, I believe Envato will understand the mistake and Punish that Author. Otherwise, anyone will start Purchasing the Extended license for Trending good items and Make a Bundle in the Name of a Theme or Plugin and sell it away. And the Original Authors of those items will get no money at all.