i wanna made some thing but afraid to stuck in copyright problem ?

Hi , guys , i have 5 year experience in coding

now i wanna make a theme , and i wanna use a plugin but that plugin are not providing the
extended licence and i can build something like that
which come with my theme , i can learn from that plugin , and can do it

but i am afraid , about the copyright,

complaint may be like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh man he steal my IF condition :{

envato : block this item

Please tell me and clear my confustion ,as i know everybuddy can learn and do ,
and various things happend in a same way

Please give me feedback

its really a good question , i don;'t know what i say

is any buddy here to reply

It depends if you are just creating something original that achieves the same result or if you are literally using code/scripts etc. from another plugin

I would be very surprised if this plugin is the ‘only one out there’ that does what it does?

Develop a solution that works for you and your requirements. As long as you are developing an original item, you are good to go :runner: :runner: :runner: :walking:

Just because you developed a plugin that achieves the same end result does not mean it is breaching someone elses copyright. Good luck :smiley: :+1:

My opinion its good to learn from others ideas and study them well and at the end you build it with your own logic. I think that will make you different since you are adding your flavors in the code rather than copying same code.

Is that a free or paid plugin? Because if it’s free and can be downloaded from official WP plugin repository, you can just add it via TGM plugin

If it’s paid then try to contact its author. You don’t need extended license, you need author’s permission.

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thanks all of you for your reply :slight_smile:

Doesn’t need the extended license, only the author’s permission?

I’m afraid this is totally false… If someone wants to use a premium, paid (codecanyon) plugin in a theme that will be sold, then he/she will need to ask the plugin author’s permission and then he/she will have to buy the extended license, see the table here: