Comments on my Logo

Hello guys, I would appreciate your comments about my logo, especially the font, positioning, and proportions.
Please tell me what you think with some ideas.
I’d really appreciate it. Top, middle, or bottom?

I would say bottom. However I think the logo is too busy, rework it to make it simpler; perhaps just two interlinked icons rather than 5. Think about how your logo would work not only in print but also social media, avatars are primarily square and the simpler the logo the more memorable it is.

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It looks too complex even at this size, but imagine having it at 200px width.
The tagline font is too small and compressed.

And I do not understand what it represents? It’s very confusing. You could drop the silver links.

It looks like complicated. The visual of this logo should be more simple, fonts could be more attractive for getting peoples attention towards your services. Because simple logo made a brand image on customers’ eye for a long time.