Rejection logo: Please I need your feedback. Thanks!

you could evaluate my logo to see what the problem would be and to improved.
Thank you in advance!

I am not an expert designer, but in my opinion, you need to give a unique impression to your design, unique does not mean it has to be complicated, many pro designers here design simple logos but have unique and interesting impressions.

Hopefully this can help: D


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate. I’ll keep that in mind.

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hi indeed i think that u have a clear problem of spacing in the name of the logo, plus people will ask u here ot clearly combine more things up font wise, they look for u to introduce some originality when it comes to typo in a general way

i also tend to believe, like @Logokamu said that u need to bring something more to make your item more outstanding, i think that introducing gradients in the different part of the shapes would be welcome and would help to make your item look more worked out and outstanding

also pay attention about the proportion between the name and the tag line, for me the tag line looks clearly too small proportionally

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Thank you so much, really helpful!

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if u feel like it, u can check the box “solved” then :slight_smile: