i need feedback my logo


thank you so much.



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Thank you so much.

The balloon shape has issues (it is not perfect). The bucket and those thin line doesn’t fit well. The main font doesn’t pair with the tag line font. The logo proportions are off (the balloon is too tall)

Try something line this:



Thank you so much, I will fix this regards.


I am not sure if is ok?

these are so good! :slight_smile: GL

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

you’re most welcome.

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The balloon itself is ok. The font still doesn’t fit well. My advice is to use a condensed font.

really great one in my view, well done buddy :slight_smile:

hi Jeri, the idea is cool in the first place but honestly there is much to do as regard t the typo … and even the illustration definitely needs extra work at this stage. The shape is not even in the first place and unless u provide people with perfect execution in such a difficult category , u have no chance whatsoever to get your item accepted … i also tend to believe that the logo’s shape is a bit too simple and flat all the same … i know that u must not get into too detailed styles but there is a middle way to find, here is really to simple and flat at this point. The typo and illustration look disconnected and the typo is miles away from GR standards right now , choosing caps for the tagline is not really a good idea either , this is breaking the hierarchy that u coud do other well otherwise. I also identify what u did just this, but picking a yellow color for the basket part is not a super good idea when it comes to aesthetics and global harmony