LOGO help


this is the logo, before uploading it, i need your ideas so that i may not get hard reject,


The way the lower text is aligned with the upper text looks bad, probably not best font choice either. Plus I don’t like the way the gradients are done on the triangle. Overall it needs more work.


I think too the gradient need more work. Maybe try to use 2 different colors and 2 different fonts for title and tagline. Good luck

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Yeah, needs more colours, or just more variations in the blues. I think a more ‘blocky’ font would work better with the geometric style of the icon and the lines are all a bit thin… it will lose impact and definition if it’s scaled down a lot

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Thanks for your precious and helpful idea. :slight_smile:

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yh maybe two simple colors will work better, same the fonts. Thnaks for the idea.

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