Collection of rejected tracks

Just part of my “little” collection of rejected tracks. For your information (Especially for newbies). What kind of tracks should not be uploaded! 100% reject

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Great tracks! I think the problem is in mixing/mastering. Drums are lost in the mix in most tracks. And in 2nd track I’d start the guitar line straight away, you need to get to the point fast on AJ.

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Thank you for feedback and realy valuable advice!

as I am listening with standard headphones, I can’t really judge mixing/mastering… I can only say that I enjoy your songs, these funky guitars and tasty bouncy bass lines… I see that “Vintage Chillout Funk” has been accepted, so why not “Energetic Jazzy Funk”…

Maybe the overall mix lacks “clarity”, “shine”, lack of well defined top end, and also a bit “muddy” in the bass/drums region. Also maybe a lack of overall volume, I don’t really know…

Do you play all your guitars live?

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Thank you for feedback! Yes all guitars live but i am just a beginner in recording and mixing.