Reject pls help with some advise!



Hello to all. My track was rejected. I wanna ask for some advise. Mb some useful thoughts on mixing?

The reason of reject - bad mixing-mastering-samples-recording.
Thanks for all your thoughts!


Rhythm guitar is very fake sounding to my ear, need some rework or better record real one.


This is a very difficult music for the inspectors. their virgin ears can take that. Too many notes. :slight_smile:


I listened to it, all the instrument samples sound fake to me, you need to make them sound more realistic. It’s really hard to find a good plugin for acoustic guitars, so you might think of the possibility to record a live guitar. On the drum part, you should always play with velocities. Especially on snare and cymbals. And try to find a good rimshot sound for your snare. And also, let your cymbals ring. If you notice at 2:06, your last hit is not on time, and your crash does not have a tail, but cuts out too abruptly. :slight_smile:


thanks for a close attention to my track)


hi, just to sum up. I tried to better humanize the guitar sound and the item was approved afterall) so thank you again for your comments!