Codecanyon module for cms was rejected without any specific clarification.

I have created a custom module for our RealEstate CMS for Rental Collection for rental properties. when i submitted for approval it got rejected in few hours.

look at the youtube video for more clarification,

i will be glad to author community to know what goes wrong, and can i make it approved by some how, with further updates?


Share the demo URL

Not sure about the coding but the design look too simple.

well it doesn’t relate to look and feel. we have implemented most useful features that can’t be found in another application. did you look at the videos for more details? i found that codecanyon support didnt look at the youtube videos for more details and just rejected randomly or some more way.

i dont understand about what to say?

The design is also important along with the coding. You cannot ignore it. Improve the design and submit the work again. No one will buy it if it lacks of design.

here are some screenshots of our module.

there are responsive for all screens and best shows details of module.

can i resubmit it with feature updates?

You’re not focusing what I’m saying. Issue is not with the features. DESIGN is the ISSUE with the project. Adding more features won’t let you get the approval. You will have to IMPROVE the design ( UX / UI )

thanks for suggestions. i am just a developer. please kindly suggest few UI improvement that you seems must be in module. it will be highly appreciated.

thanks again @ki-themes

please improve your ui and demo version.

thanks for looking and suggestions. we are trying to improve the UI and demo.