Codecanyon module for cms was rejected once again within 1 hour without any specific clarification.

I have created another custom module for our RealEstate CMS for Agency Branding. when i submitted for approval it got rejected within 1 hour. thinks like that review person only read the concept of the module and rejected immediately.

here are the details of our new module we have created, Agency Branding – for Real Estate Agents – Documentation

please review it and let us know about any issue in this module. i believe this is very new concept for any marketplace cms that is multi-vendor, and some vendor can require their sub-domain or own domain for their marketing purpose.

Envato Quality Team says that “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” , please look and review it, what quality standard they are looking for, that is missing. Every time they says that visit forums, ask fellow authors for feedback. can there be a good answer?