Classical Admin Panel or Live Customizer ?

Hello all,

I noticed that Redux is being rejected for some themes (at least at the beginning with some Soft Rejects).
According to some theme authors, Reviewers “may” accept “known” REQUIRED errors generated by Theme-check (add_theme_page(), wp_dequeue_script(‘jquerySelect2’)…) and may NOT.
This may leads to a considerable loss of time.

The question is: Is it better to move to Live Customizer by using Frameworks such Kirki than going for Classic Admin Panel with Redux ?
Especially since knowing that WP reviewers now requires using Live Customizr for the future… So may be TF reviewers plans to do the same, so we anticipate at the same time.

What do you think gays ?

I used Live Customizer on all of my Themes. I liked it that way :slight_smile: