Live Customizer mandatory on Themes?

Hi guys! I hope I write this on the right forum :). I’ve been using Envato for a while but this is my first post on Forum as I tried to join you guys on creating a Theme for Wordpress.

On April Wordpress announced that they will only accept Live Customizer as the standard for the Themes on That means (if I read it correctly) every other framework like Redux is a no go unless they work with Live Customizer.

Now I’ve been trying to search whether this policy extend to other place like ThemeForest but I can’t find any info so… could you guys help me on clarifying this by experience as I use Redux for my theme. I know it’s probably just on but I’m pretty paranoid since it’s hard enough to make a Theme let alone the first one (wish me luck)!

Thank you so much and sorry if this is a repost!


It’s not a requirement to use the customizer on Themeforest as lots of themes are still using Redux and other frameworks but personally speaking I would be looking at moving to customizer only as there are lots of changes coming to WP in the future regarding the customizer (big one is that it will be available on the front end of sites) and the much publicized articles on it’s now a requirement on means users will be expecting themes to make use of it.

Redux recently added compatibility to use the customizer for it’s panel instead of a separate admin area so you could get the both of best worlds but I can see Themeforest copying the WordPress rules so that buyers experience the same across the themes.

The most annoying part of buying and using themes from multiple sources is they all have different panels on them so it can be quite confusing. By everyone having to use the customizer it will make it much easier for buyers imho.

The customizer is still lacking with certain features that frameworks like Redux can do but developers are releasing “kits” for the customizer (I like Krki) which is making this less and less noticeable.

Thank you so much Gareth! You answered very clear and conscise :). If that the case I think I will push on with redux on this theme and considering to migrate afterwards.

Speaking of the customizer, I’ve just hooked into the customizer to provide a “live demo” feature (ignore the incomplete design). So the pre-defined styles I offer in customizer now appear in the live demo, cutting back on work. win