Wordpress Customizer

Hi folks, i’m in the process of developing my first commercial Wordpress Theme to sell on Themeforest.

I’ve worked a little with Wordpress Customizer and Redux Framework in past projects, but i was just looking for a little bit of feedback in the following areas.

Should i focus on using the built in Customizer or should i use an Options Framework (ie Redux)

If so, how much customization should be provided ?

I know there is no right or wrong answer … I’m just looking for feedback from other developers.

Thanks for your time

We’re using OptionTree for theme options. It’s good enough :smile:

Thanks for your response. I have looked at OptionTree and i see it’s sponsored by Themeforest, i therefore must assume that it is Themeforest compliant. Definitely worth experimenting with !

What would your position be on too much or little customisation options ? Is there such a thing ?

Thanks again !

It’s highly recommended (by wordpress.org) using Customizer. Currently it has enough type of fields which you can use in themes. Besides, try to reduce the number of options for the themes, which can help you implement the code for Customizer faster and easier.

Thanks for your response, i have been reading quite a bit about Customizer and it seems that it is going to be the focus for the future, to step away from “Other Frameworks” and use the native functions.

So you believe that less customization options is best ?

Great to hear different opinions !

I think less options is better than redundant options. We should put thoughtful options to the themes, which is really needed for customization, not for having more features. Keeping the number of options small also helps customer easy to use the theme (I installed a theme from TF which has > 40 options and I couldn’t use it because it’s hard to find the starting point).

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