What is better to use to create "theme options"?

Hello dears!) I am creating a theme and I would like to know what is better (especially for users) to use to create theme options? To allow the user to modify and style elements. Is it better to use a framework (star framework), a standard wordpress customizer or settings pages directly in the settings panel? Or maybe something else? Please tell me why you think that.

I am a fierce advocate of the customizer but it depends on what options you want, redux and some of the other frameworks include customizer suppoirt but I personally would like to see all themes use only the customizer.

Hi @Gareth_Gillman, It is important for me to include editing of hidden content, changing the color of sections and in many ways exactly what is usually added “by the standard”. And why do you like the customizer? Than this wins?

I am using Customizer for “global” changes and have custom meta boxes for additional options which are (can be) individual for each page.

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the customizer has a lot of features including color picers, also look at Kirki for a lot of custom made modules you can add too it, hopefully has what you need.

I like the customizer as it’s live editing, clients can see the changes as they make them rather than have to save the options and load the site.

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I would recommend you to use WordPress Customizer.