Theme Options Panel - Custom coding or Framework/Plugin


Hello WordPress devs,

If you build Theme Options panel for your themes (not the customizer), then do you manually code the panel from scratch every time or you use frameworks or plugins those are available?

If you use frameworks or plugins then can you share which one you use?

Edit: Which would you prefer? Theme option panel or customizer? What’s the best way to go in 2019?

Thank you



I am using WPOnion

Note : I am the core developer of WPOnion too also i am using it in my plugins too


Thank you Varun Ji :slight_smile:


use the customizer, it’s built into WP, it’s easy to use and is future proof, imo options panels are confusing as every theme uses different ones and implements them in different ways, I would like to see all themes use the customizer.


Thanks for joining the conversation Gareth. Actually what I love about Options panel is its bigger space. The customizer UI is small and makes me feel cringy :slight_smile:


why do you need more space? I like how the editor is live especially working on a customisable theme I am not used too (which happens a lot).

Developer wise, you can use panels and sections to break the options up e.g.

  • Homepage
    – Header
    — options
    – Footer
    — options
  • Blog
    – Header
    — options
    – Footer
    — options