Native Customizer in WP theme - Is it required to accept theme by reviewer?



Hey everybody,

I create my first Wordpress theme and I am newbie here so sorry for probably prosaic quastion and my english:)

In my theme I made Theme Option in the Customizer. Because of high
number of controls and problems with preformance I had to code my own
version of Customizer but using some native Customizer elements. It
resulted that at the moment I don’t have native customizer which
includes native controls f.ex. widgets, menus. etc.

I realize that this is quite nonfunctional for buyers, but my question
is - Does Envato accept this solution or maybe they classified as
negative practice and reject my theme? What do you think?

For clarity I’ll unhook my Customizer from native Customizer in version 1.1
but now this is a lot work for me because I have to finish and realise
my theme as fast I can. Probably I’ll do it when my theme will be
reviewed having regard to actually review times.

Thanks for your time and help.



I asked Envato but the answer dont clarified this situation.
First answer:

It is better to use the native customizer to provide a consistent experience for the user.

Then I asked to clarify - is this solution could be a reason to reject my theme, Envato answer:

As long as the item has a good documentation that will enable the buyer to properly use/utilize your item, then it would have a higher chance of getting approved.

What I can also suggest in this situation is to seek advise from our community members thru our forums. You will find useful tips from our different Envato community members. You can check it out here:

So I ask you again community, what do you think about it?

Thanks a lot for your time and help.

PS. Sorry for my English.