Claims and thieves.. another AdRev post!

Hi Folks,
so a few weeks back I got a copyright claim on YouTube for my own song (how funny)… and it came out that someone else had my music registered on AdRev, like what happened to @TimMcMorris a while ago.

Enough said, the problem was quickly solved and i had to upload all of my portfolio on AdRev in order to protect my music against those abuses.
Beside wondering how can a person do that, thinking that it wouldn’t be noticed soon or later, i really think right now that content ID is and it will be more and more a useful tool for Authors.
So for people who are doubtful about registering their music in order to avoid hassles with customers, well, do it before someone else do it for you :slight_smile:
I think customers will get used to that because i can see lots of Authors are registering their music, therefore, i believe it will be a common practice very soon.


Thanks for your experience here Manny.

I can’t believe someone else claimed your song as their own! Man, some people stoop so low…

On my own AdRev experience: We finally went ahead with it a few months ago, and it was a great decision. We’ve generated about $200 we would have never seen without it so far, and get to see who’s using our tracks illegally in their big videos. :slight_smile: It’s fun to check in and see how many views your track gets on those.

Yeah am curious myself to see that, but still too early :slight_smile:

My horror scenario! As soon as i read that this is actually happening i uploaded my portfolio to AdRev immediately.
What is something to think about btw, you need to have a full ID check with pics of your ID to register to AdRev right? So the thief did this as well? And if so, did he use a false identity?

No i dont think so, he just uploaded the song as they (the AdRev staff) don’t investigate for each song/author… that would be crazy :slight_smile:

Ever notice when you upload to soundcloud very often someone will like your song within minutes, sometimes without even playing it. Usually a hot woman for a profile pic and no tracks uploaded.These accounts are usually just looking for you to sign up with a play boost program or something and are harmless enough. But also swimming in the same waters are guys who will download your song just as quick. Maybe they are counting on people registering their song with adrev after they upload to soundcloud as a matter of habbit. So to be safe upload to adrev before you do anywhere else that is public

Hi guys,
I think this is an important thing to do. But I think there’s a problem: lack of information.
I don’t know how to use the AdRev tool. I have an account but I didn’t upload any file because I want to do it right. Could you guys help me please? I think I’m not the only one in this situation.
Maybe my question is the same of others too.
Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:

From your Adrev home page go to Upload/ Content ID/ Upload songs. Just make sure your track is in MP3 and 10mb or less. If you have not filled out metadata like…genre, it will ask you to do that.

Thank you very much!! So that’s it? I thought it was much more difficult than that. I’ll definitley do it. Do you know if it founds some watermarked item on youtube? I mean, someone that downloaded my audio preview and used that way on youtube. Thank you!! :smiley: