Cinematic Glitch Trailer from Videohive element 3d plugin not working

Hello, I have downloaded the Videohive cinematic glitch trailer, also I bought the element 3d v2.2 plugin. However, the 3d elements are not working, there is very little information on how to implement. I have tried changing a number of attributes to get this working, but nothing seems to happen. I was under the impression that once you bought it. You made your text changes and the outcome would be the same as the trailer.
Can someone please advise, as there is no information anywhere on anyone having any issues with this project.

Just contact the author of the project via his/her profile page and ask for help to make it work.

downloaded = you mean its from Envato Elements , or did you buy it specifically?

Hello, I bought it specifically, it is not downloaded from envato elements. did not see anywhere. where it could be bought from envato elements

then the author should definitely help you asap.
did you contact him through the contact form on his profile page?
This would be his contact page / form:

Hello Johnnybd,
sorry not getting back to you.
I have sent an email but yet have had no reply.

Do you get any errors when opening the project file?

No. The project works fine in windows. So I used windows to make my changes.

Thanks for your suggestions