Question about Soft Disabled Item

Hello. An item of mine was soft disabled some days ago (January 15), but I think it was a mistake. I received this mail:
“Unfortunately your item Epic Wood Metal Logo has been disabled from VideoHive. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it was disabled.
A customer has brought to our attention that this item is missing E3D texture files:
Thanks for your cooperation.
Senior Videohive Reviewer”

I think the problem is that the customer doesn’t have ProShaders 2 for Element 3D v2 (all this is well explained in my item description). So when he/she tries to open the project, these textures are missing, because as I said maybe doesn’t have ProShaders 2, which includes this “wood bamboo cherry” texture, I checked already.
I didn’t receive any mail from the customer asking for help and I don’t know the customer’s name to help him/her, or if it’s a Videohive or Elements customer. I opened an author support ticket explaining all this on January 16 but I didn’t receive any answer yet, too long with no response at all.
Could any other author with Element3D and ProShaders2 please check if this “wood cherry bamboo” texture is included in the shaders pack? I checked and it’s there for sure.
Maybe Tyson @MotionRevolver you can read all this and tell me how I can solve this issue please. Sorry for trying to contact this way but no answer from author support. And I can’t include this texture inside the project to upload it again because I have no license to do that, ProShaders2 and this texture are property of Videocopilot and customer must have them to use the project.

Thanks for the update! You’re absolutely correct, the missing files are definitely the ProShaders 2 files. We missed that in your item description, so it might be important to make that information a little bit more obvious for customers who might experience the same issue. To do so, we recommend placing those requirements at the top of the description, possibly in bold letters with live links to the items on VideoCopilot’s website.

In the meantime, we’ve reenabled the item for sale on the marketplace.


Perfect. Thank you so much Tyson @MotionRevolver .
I will do that for this item and for other items of mine that use ProShaders2. So everything will be more clear for customers.
May I suggest something that could be really helpful? ProShaders2 should be included in the list of plugins to upload a project, because there’s only ProShaders, but there’s no ProShaders2 to select. So customer has only the item description made by the author as reference.
Thank you again Tyson for your quick help and response! :+1: