Christmas Greeting Card Softrejected becuase of RGB effects presence

Hi, My Christmas greeting Card Illustrator file (Screenshot attached) is soft rejected saying that Make it into CMYK.
Those overlays/effects are hell difficult to make in CMYK as they lose there feel.
Is there any solution to this at this point ?? Please advice .
Thank You


Hey DesignGenisys!

Your card looks really cool. The main problem is when people print it, it will print in CMYK and not RGB whether they want it to or not. RGB uses light to make colors (computer monitors, tv’s, etc.) and CMYK uses print toner/ink which has unprintable RGB colors. There are two things you can do.

  1. You can make this item a graphic and not place it in the print category.
  2. Try to find equivalent RGB colors in CMYK.


Hi Nathanknight,

Thank You, Actually Find/make same effect in CMYK is hell difficult. (I already tried making it in CMYK)
The product is sitting in Hidden items and there is no option to change category. What should i do ??