what's wrong with my item????

I have uploaded many items but just one has been accepted and the others are rejected
what is wrong with my uploaded items?
This is the latest item that rejected: (Business Card)

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what is it??

I think it’d be better if you uploaded an image so we can see it.

And you also just gave everyone your item for free. You should remove that link and upload some images instead.

Thank you, I edited this

a business card, what else (dixit george clooney) LOL besides he noted it

hi well i see a variety of reasons why this one could not make it
first of all, it looks very likely that u used rgb colors when the thing is meant for printing and should be cmyk
otherwise, combination of colors are far from very harmonious if u ask me and this is besides even worst when u come up with a gradient on icons …
the typo part is rather flat and thus same goes with the hierrchy of information. u are expected to make much of a work typo wise here as this is probably the main focus of all for envato. Otherwise, the changing colors on the logo looks pretty strange indeed, eiher u have plain on both sides or u use 2 colors in each side …
basically i also tend to believe that u should try to introduce more graphic work in a general way to the card so that it looks both more original and worked out too, at this stage , what u have here is rather simple and can easily be redone without spending hours … so why would people - especially resellers buy this item?

what about these business cards?

hi well most of the items are rather cool if u ask me, they tend to be much more original if u ask me , though u face some of the same problems that i mentioned beforehand all the same, that is to say that typo is rather flat or lacking originality and combinations, plus, the hierarchy of information is ok but could be improved and th icons u use are too simple or flat or u either have issues about the organisation or the alignment, which turn out to be major ones indeed, as this is one of design’s basic principles …

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I don’t like the first one that you posted, it’s too neon and something about it feels pretty unprofessional.

However, I really like the others ones. They’re creative, interesting, have some nice colors and design choices. Personally, I have no real critiques about them, so just see what you can do with what n2n44 said, and give submitting them a shot.