Hard Reject my 10th Business card

hi…i need some advice from you…All my uploaded Business cards are hard rejected. and this is the last business card file i uploaded to graphic river with hard rejection.

would you please tell me what is the wrong with my file? any suggestion which part did i miss…? i have followed the rule of minimum standard Graphicriver and it seems to be something wrong with my project.


i also attach my main zip file that you can download it here for more detail.

Thanks and appreciate your time.


hi Rizal

indeed this is not bad, u have a rather nice basis to work with indeedbut u cn definitely improve your item gamely, and here is how

first of all , u have some issues about spacing all the banner, information, logos and so on in the bottom part of the card are too close from the trim line and safety zone, if u push all this up u will have more breathing and more balance lay out wise

same goes with name and function on top, indeed, u should take them farther from the edge …

the combination of color is not bad, original and rather harmonious but u are kind of failing to offer enough contrast in a way , so u may consider to change the brown color (besides brown and black for clothing design are considered as not matching and same goes here in a way …)

your icons are a bit too flat, u should introduce a bit more creative ones and a bit more worked out too, it looks like this is not much liked here if u ever come up with some photoshop preset elements indeed

finally the logo and typo part are sort of clean but lacking a bit originality and combinations

Hi n2n44.

Thank you so much and really appreciate your attention on my project.

I will try to create another one and put my attention on your advices and suggestions.

One more question, does GR design follow particular trend color or shape?

Best Regards


no Rizal
u have to do on this one why creating another one?
there is no better way to practice than with this one indeed

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Thanks n2n44 for your quick reply.

i think this file is a hard rejected, and i can’t upload the same file. somehow this one will be on my listed note. correct me if i am wrong :blush:


all i can tell u by experience, is that most of the guy tell the same thing and most of the guys finally come with different files and all the same issues , too , in other words, u have to repeat and repeat the same things to the same guys … now u can do whatever u like …
but as for what u said, no, u can repost indeed, as long as u bring signifcant chnage to the table and if do all i mentioned, there will be substancial changes , for sure

Your designs looks okay. It was rejected doesn’t mean it is totally bad just means they need you to add more, put more flare to it and give your best. Correction/criticism actually bring out the best in a designer you know

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Thank you very much n2n44…i will keep it for my future reference. i saw your profile with thousand sales, no wonder your analise is so much helpful.

best wishes to you :innocent:

Thank you so much NnamAries… it was an honour to me. surely i will do my best for next items. best of luck to you

this is most importantly the 15 years that i spent in agency that can prove something … sales are not always very much of a good gauge indeed, bets of luck anyways Rizal :slight_smile:

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correction and criticism bring u forward 1) if u accept them constructively 2) if they are not sent in your face , if so they can turn into making u lose confident and doubt … in my view what is best for a designer is to have both feelings at the same time, not one nor the other completely …

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