Help me about why reject my Christmas card

Hi guys

i create christmas card and i think this is good, but i don’t know why my design has reject
plese tell me about that

Good afternoon, your problem may be related to

  1. Incorrect description, product name; Incorrect category and attributes; Incorrect tags)
  2. Non-compliance with the standards of printed products ( See - )

Step-by-Step guide to the download process ( )
If all of the above did not help you then I advise you to think better about your design

Based on the inconsistent quality, it looks like you used a lot of stock graphics which you didn’t make yourself, which is not acceptable. The items you submit must be completely original and made by you, unless you have commercial licenses for this particular use.

There’s also some blurry/low quality elements such as the snow flakes.

The presentation is very low quality, with the blurry background image, objects unrealistically placed around, no sort of divider or blending on the background cuts, very flat and uninteresting lighting and colours, and unrealistic shadows under the cards.

There’s a lot to be said about the card designs themselves, but at this point I’d just say that you need to make sure you make everything yourself, and look at the current trending cards on GraphicRiver, or even go to the store and see what looks good on the shelves.

You have a whole year to practice Christmas cards now haha. Try for the next holiday, such as Valentines Day.

Also, as a general rule, if something looks like it might be blurry/low res, don’t use it, and refrain from scaling up images too much, because it almost always looks bad.

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i try again i hope accept from the videohive