Christmas Flyer Hard rejected. Any advice?

Hello guys,

I received an hard rejection for a Christmas flyer template (A4 format).
Maybe the subject is not attractive? Maybe it’s just me that find it’s cute and good enough to be selled?

I’d really appreciate your feedback:


P.S.: Notice that the stock image used in the preview was not included in the main files, but I left the link to shutterstock photo and detailed instructions in the PDF Help file.

The bar along the bottom doesn’t look good to me, like it’s separate from the rest of the design. Try putting the text over the graphics, or putting it in a frame or something instead.


Thanks for your feedback! i’ll certanly try this. Do you think that the subject it is attractive? I’m asking myself because I didn’t see any flyer concerned on envato.

I don’t see why not, I’m sure schools have Christmas events sometimes. :smiley:

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in deed… maybe another problem with the flyer is that the stock photo I used is from Shutterstock, so not from Photodune?

No, l use, (not advisable to give out image sites here apart from Envato’s one) the same one for backgrounds and graphic elements, and have no issues overall.

The bar down the bottom, as someone else mentioned and possibly the design being too basic, were probably the main reasons.


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Weel, I made some improvements not only on the bottom bar by removing it completely and place the school name template on the top. I also improved the typography hierarchy and added more chalks doodles snowflakes.
Removed the green chalckboard background from the main file, and also improved the blocked out mask for the stock photo model.
I hope that with this improvements, it can be approved for sale, otherwise, I will move on something else :smiley:


The nice guy from Scotland @ToivoMedia and the nice guy from Australia @tmcom
Thank you very much for advices and support :smiley: :sparkles:


Really new idea, I like your idea, but I feel the things are not professionally placed and aligned, it feels like a mess in the big picture to me,

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it has been already approved with some improvements. :sparkles: