Christmas Flyer has been rejected


I have submitted my item “Merry Christmas Flyer” by following Graphicriver rules. But it has been rejected. I am finding the reason behind this. Why my flyer got rejected. Please review those flyers and tell me the reasons?

Hi @creatcy !

Nice design you got here. The main problem with this flyer is the typography especially the main title, fonts are not pairing at all. The font you used for Christmas should be " Olympic Branding " if i am not wrong, maybe keep that one for " Merry " as well ?

Consider reworking the footer and the main title and i think it will go through. I don’t think the flyer is not visually good enough to deserve a place in the market, i like it !

I also tend to believe that the market is getting a bit saturated with this " style " for the Xmas topic, but it should not be the reason of your rejection indeed.

hi i do agree with Matt, this is sad , u had a great top part and ruin a lot of the item potential with all the text and typo part , try to combine fonts in a better way, check spacing and make sure to make something harmonious :slight_smile: GL