Chimp Studio Directory support nearly non existent - must be a market for support



I’ve had a lot of themes and this theme is possibly one of the best on the market, but they are really let down by support. I would be happy to pay extra or even a monthly fee to get support with the theme it is so critical to our work, but they dont offer and so far I’ve had one answer, completely non related to myquestion so far. They operate a ticket based support which only allows one ticket at a time and it takes days to get an answer, short and unrelated.

Have any of the developers out there thought about setting up 3rd party support for themes, there must be a market in that? Or customising this particular theme given it has 3000+ users?


Hello there,

If you’re looking for paid support, you can send me an email via gmail(at) to discuss the details




I agree with OP. It looks like it is a very powerful theme, but one not created by a developer with English as a first language. The multiple use of the same term for different things (such as “Directory”) is confusing. Also there is no overall description of how to go about configuring the theme, but there is detailed support showing the various user select-able options, which is fine if you know what they are all for.
It is crying out for a video ( style) to take numpties like me through the configuration process.