Chimpstudio, the team that created the WP Theme I purchased, don't reply to my support tickets. What should I do ?


I don’t know if I’m at the right place, but I’m a bit worried : I purchased a theme on Envato, called JobCareer, by Chimpstudio.

I contacted the support because I had a post-install problem, and I didn’t got a reply. I contacted them another time, and again, no reply.

After 3 times contacting them, I’m afraid I’m being scammed, or at least they are a ghosttown.

What should I do ? What’s Envato’s recommended policy in this situation ?

Thanks a lot,


P.S : Not sure I’m in the right place, but it’s the only place I could found to ask my question. If I’m in the wrong place, please redirect me to the appropriate location. Thanks.

Where did you contact them? (item discussion or support forum)? You can contact the author in their support forum ->


Thank you for the reply !

Yes, I contacted them properly, via their support system… 3 times now. And still no answers. :confused:

try contacting them in their item discussion. last support response is 2 mins ago.

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Hello, @E-Xpertise

Welcome to the forums! I’m sure the author will answer all questions. @Chimpstudio are a very experienced and highly regarded author!



Thanks Aleksey,

Well, hopefully there is a good explanation to that absolute lack of answers… Maybe it’s a technical problems or something. Hopefully @Chimpstudio will see it here and sort it out.

Thanks !

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Dear @E-Xpertise ,

You had been replied on your ticket# 865440 ( please check this screen shot: )
and on wall comments as well on same date ( link: ).
Please follow your ticket to get supported by our support department. You are really appriciated to reply there for quick support instead of writing here. Usually we dont use envato forums, therefore you are getting late reply here, otherwise we reply our customer ASAP.

Thanx @codeex for guiding our customer here.

@AlekseyZhdanov Thank you for your good words. we fully try to give quick response to our all clients.

Best Regards

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Hi @Chimpstudio,

Thanks a lot for answering. Your support system is broken :

First of all, I didn’t receive an email when you answered my ticket (ALL good support systems sends an email, cause nobody wants to check every other hours if an answered arrived).

Second, as I went to check my original ticket I couldn’t access it because it asked me for the ticket number, which I didn’t have since I didn’t receive an email.

Then I posted on your recovery system, and again, no signs it went through, no confirmation email, nothing.

So I’m glad you answered and it’s just a technical problem, but surely there is room for improvement in your ticketting system processes.

Now I’ll contact you on the original support (if it works) to get my problem fixed. Thanks a lot !

Hi @E-Xpertise,

Sorry dear, if i am not wrong, we have resolved our support system broken issue a long time ago. It was happen on a weekend And exactly on the next day you got reply. And we have already described it to you earlier.

By the way i have replied you once again on Ticket system, please check your email, hope you have received it, if not please reply me, so i can double check this matter.

Best Regards
Chimp Studio

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