Why don't you provide a complaints service?

Why don’t you provide a means to complain about listings on your site? It seems you are taking a fee for us using ThemeForest, yet providing no way to report issues and get issues with suppliers resolved, you are being paid for this service!!
It is actually as bad as the people who take a fee for support, then when that time runs out they release a breaking change to their theme, then want you to pay more for support!! What a terrible way to treat people and an awful business model.

If you have issues with an item then either contact its author:


Or contact Envato Support:


Well, you would think that would be the case, but they provide 6 months support, then release an update that breaks everyones site after 6 months and then expect you to pay for more support to get them to fix their issues. Rather corrupt in my mind.

Awww, It’s a big issue.

I love these posts. They’re the most tragic satire on the forum, besides the all-time champ “my item has benn rejected for no reason”.

You know why big players don’t have such problems? It’s because they invest more than $15 or knowledge in their projects. Meaning, there’s no solution to your problem. The market will look that way from your perspective at anytime.

I don’t think 8theme are a small player, but they are very corrupt…and incompetent to a level beyond belief…

I can agree that their themes are rubbish, sry guys!, however, it’s you to blame who picked them. This is an indie-open market. Whatever you find and however you use it make sure it benefits you. If you cannot manage something, don’t waste time yourself.

As I see you use their theme, so it’s probably an ecommerce website. For those, you surely don’t want just any theme, but preferably something from the ecommerce plugin author (possibly WooCommerce) themselves, like Storefront, or any theme on their market… but that’s just another story, how items are chosen by customers, reviewed by reviewers and marketed to the end customer by their creators… Good luck!

I have no idea what you are waffling on about, maybe you didn’t know that xStore is used by tens of thousands of companies and websites. That’s like saying, stupid you for buying an iPhone, didn’t you check that other people also buy them. You are not actually saying anything about the real issue and that is they can give you 6 months support, then 1 day after release a bug which breaks thousands of website and they expect those thousands of owners to pay them again for to support the bug they introduced, one would think deliberately to raise some cash…

The author can’t be intentionally exploiting peoples 6 month support - what’s 6 months for you might be 1 day for some, or years for others.

Given that 6 months extended support is not even the cost of an hour of typical dev time, it’s hardly unreasonable to expect any buyer to be willing to pay if they plan to use a theme for a long time.

Much more likely is that updates are in line with things beyond their control like WP updates or patching.

That item has a phenomenal review score so it can’t be that bad.

Theme breaks could well be related to customisation or a host of stuff unrelated to the core theme.

Actually no. An iPhone in this category would be you owning your own development team of 5 devs for about 150k Euros/Y working solely on your website. That’s an iPhone in web development.

What you have there is a $50 (dolla’) theme, which doesn’t have anything comparable in the mobile phones market. Maybe something like you buying components, on your own, and trying to build a phone on amazon (not thinking about software) and then trying to make it work with 4G. Well, no.

Also, heard of WordPress? Why is theme of such importance (or theme author), when it actually has nothing to do with your problems. Your problems are lack of understanding what you’re building, lack of understanding PHP/MySQL/WordPress/WooCommerce limitations, and at the end failing to maintain it all.

One should definitely make a solid backup of his website before diving into an update. You never know what kind of failure is going to happen.

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Ok, so here is a thing, this is not an issue for me, I am concerned for others, for your info XforWooCommerce I have over 20 years of software development experience, I am the CTO at a large organisation, I know more about Wordpress than I care about, but I bow to your superior knowledge. I am concerned that others are being scammed by halfwit developers who charge for 6 monthly support and don’t run any TDD style development, throwing software out the door without caring what it does to a multitude of sites. Keep feeling superior though, I bet you are an American.

No I’m from Serbia. I’m here for too long, and know which level this service is. You’re expecting too much, and I can’t blame you, as they way this place works is on sensationalism and promises. It’s like I promise you a best possible future for your small amount of money, but in reality, it is very different.

The policy you’ve purchased the theme (and I’ll call it a rubbish set of codes) doesn’t grant you anything. You are the owner of what you’ve bought and responsible for what’s going to be done with it. Support policy is so limited, that if I want I can just reply your questions in the Item Comments section and that would be it. No guarantees at all.

So, this is an indie market. Just look at who’s releasing and how. Don’t think that there’s responsibility here in any form. It’s just too cheap for responsibility.

Don’t be concerned about the others, as not everyone makes it, and we definitely will end in the same place, so I hope that you understand, that power and control is in your hands, and nothing else is important.

E.G. Buy an iOS game/item on Codecanyon that was released a year ago, and I dare you to release that on the App Store. Will that work? Of course not. Will the author be blamed? Yes, but is he the one to blame? Well, no.