without any satisfactory support can any theme provider enforce us to good ratings

1)Very poor customer support.
2) Ticket is not generating.
3) on whatsapp there is no response.

feeling helpless and cheated.

are above are abusive?

i have purchaged the Foodbakery theme from chimpstudio.
they are not providing support and asking me to do good rating.
on whatsapp chat they told me, without good rating chimpstudio will not provide support.

can anyone help me?

  • They will ask you a 5 star rating review even if they support is not good.
  • Incomplete features. They will always push you to hire customization services.
  • Chances are that you never get a refund (not flexible).
  • Short and generic answers.
  • If you don´t keep pushing for an answer, you´ll wait for days/weeks.
  • Suggestions can be implemented upon enough requests, but no place/forum/page to check/vote/suggest/follow.

Main issues:

  • Delivery time/price: Does not cover fees/time considering customer distance.
  • Extra mandatory field allow the registration of restaurant (so is not mandatory)
  • Do not have the “Claim” feature, included in all good directory themes available in the market
  • Lot of bugs. Seems new updates are not well tested. The more you search for errors, the more you find.
  • Theme is confusing. Different buttons and pages with the exact same information.
  • Membership can define number of tags (only for SEO purposes).Nr.of Categories a restaurant can be assignerd to are not covered in the Membership plans.
  • Order and booking status cannot be translated. Seems unprofessional and/or not “understandable” for non-English websites.
  • Orders cannot be changed neither by restaurant owner, nor admin. Too confusing to cancel or include/remove item in order as payment is done to site admin and delivery is managed by restaurant owner.
  • Restaurant owner can delete customer reviews - Does Not seem professional, as customers will never have a real review about the restaurant.
    -Login feature is different from foodbakery demo site.
    -Restaurant owner can not attached location.
    -in restaurant dashboard there is no form field about Bank account details for fund transactions.
    -india is not listed in woocommerce payment gateway country list.
    so many issues…

Obviously the author cannot ask for 5 star rating but to be fair - based in item comments there is clearly some confusion about the boundaries and expectation of support and how to use the theme.

@Chimpstudio is a v reputable and experienced author and that item has a very high rating. The author has replied to comments very quickly and several times over.

Given that the last messages were 2-3 days ago then that would have been a weekend which the authors lists as not being a business period when support is necessarily active.

Unfortunately if there are features like certain page builder support or several of the above list which are not advertised as included or in the demo then it’s perfectly reasonable for the author to offer to customise it as they would not fall into support regardless of it being best practice or part of your individual requirements.

Given their response so far I would imagine that someone will come back to you today, or at least asap. Otherwise you can always raise a ticket with envato Envato Market Help and Support