Check with me before uploading

Hello guys please check my new flyer before uploading is it going to get approved?

hi this is globally looking rather good but there are things to say all the same. There arethings to improve if u ask me
1- global style
the thing is depending much on the models at this stage … there is not enough effort in the background to bring additional value to the design and make it look more worked out again
2- contrast
this is a basic design principle and something that should not be messed with unless u get into big time trouble … here this is a bit coming from the color of text and the fact that u have many text crossing complex elements , like the picture of the models, but in any event, this is bringing u into further trouble, pls see next point
3- readability
due to what i explained in the previous point , actually readability is not so good, not to mention that the main title - supposed to be the most outstanding part - is being dramatically hidden by the two models in front of, so that u can only guess what the main title in the back is all about , rather than read it properly …
4- flares
if u introduce so many flares, which is ok, pls at least make sure that they all go in the same direction , this is killing realism otherwise …
5- branding
this is a good idea to have the club name being so very small and not to determine an area were buyer can possibly put their logo … look, what do a promoter want to do ? promote their place and brand, and at the moment this is relegated to secondary information indeed …
6- hierarchy
when u put two on two together there is a real issue here … between what i evoked with the main title the club name /branding, the lack of contrast , plus last but not least “join now” which should be a bit like a “call for action button” on the web …what i try to explain is that this part should really really spring out unless this is considered as not useful … but if so why putting it here?
7- twerped text
this is cool globally / usually but this is also bringing a good deal of trouble to most of the people who do not really manage to handle the transition between this twerked text and the more traditional straight footer … as for me i tend to consider that a smart way to handle this would have been for u to stick a flare out there and ensure a transition