Can someone please give feedback on my design before I submit it for review.

@n2n44 Please assess my design.

Right now I feel the placeholder logo can still be more mature, and I’m trying to find alternatives. But a client’s logo can fit well in that location (I used a logo I found online, I’m not going to be using it in the preview or design):

Is everything else in the design looking okay?

Please help… :smiley:

hi there is definitely originality and i would say a sense of harmony in what u have here , in my view … the “problem with u” - if i can express this way lol - is that very often use some slanted shapes as a header that gives u a whole lot of trouble to handle the positioning of the elements in the rest of your flyers … this is what happens, once again with this item indeed and these choices in snowball effects ended up making u face other issues more or less directly to this … look, for instance, the positioning of the logo is not the right one. If u wanna place the logo properly u have to take the z-shape reading process into account, this basically means that the best positionings for a logo are either top left (start of the reading process so what is seen first), completely in the middle of the canvas (this is focus point) or at the bottom right of the page , where u end up reading the document. To tell u how i feel , i personally think that the upper part that u have here is very good, but is contrasting with the lower one which is - sorry to say just this - very bad … the fact of the matter is that the orange background is good … but between positioning of the logo, contrast of the logo typo , positioning of the txt and so on … there are a loooooot of issues for u to fix … including hierarchy things …
for the bottom part (as i do not have anything to really say about it the upper one)
1- logo positioning
see above
2- contrast of the logo
i do not know what u should best do, just play with the thing , for instance changing colors to add more contrast between the logo and background or, try to add a shadow, or something like this
3- typo
this is as bad at the bottom as good on top if u ask me … the choice of font is not the best pairing to say the least , there is too much boldness until this looks too compact and mixing the bold and non bold in the activities is destroying the hierarchy of what u have created indeed
4- hierarchy
u have a collection of strange things and this is hard to identify what is primary and secondary info in one glance
5- spacing
u have strange spacing between the "our services " and the remaining block and the remaining block with the following block


Thanks a lot for the review! :smile:

I’m working on each of the things you’ve mentioned. :slightly_smiling_face:

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u are welcome, good work and good luck buddy :slight_smile:


Updated… Can you please tell me if everything is okay now?

Thanks a lot in advance. :smile:

hi this is better in terms of global organization but the problem is that “services” part is not in the right angle and is definitely super hard to read … not to mention that it seems to me that the space between personal date and services is not the right one, this is not the best arrangement that u could have

I didn’t completely understand some of the things you said. Can you please explain a bit more when you find time?

Regarding the ‘Services’ part, I actually skewed all the bottom texts together in the same angle… Do you think it should be tilted more?

Also is the Services part hard to read because of the contrast, or the font? I misread ‘Yoga’ as ‘Urga’ when I checked the smaller preview, so I’m guessing you meant the font (I’m changing it anyway. :smiley:).

Please help… :smile:

Update: I couldn’t find a more matching logo for the Services section so I’ve used the same one, but improved shadow to increase contrast…

Please check:

Sorry if I’m taking too much of your time. :upside_down_face:

well actually this is part of te problem , the angle btw looks a bit different no matter what indeed, this disposition for secondary text is much more difficult to read indeed

well partly indeed, but this is also due to the kerning and the fact that this font with extra boldness looks very compact indeed

this one is fine indeed, this is matching rather well, maybe just making the red a bit brighter or turning in slightly a bit more to orange indeed so that u have a better harmony and contrast

don’t worry , my pleasure :slight_smile: we are a community, aren’t we?

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@n2n44 Please go through when you’re free. :smiley:

The Services texts were faux bolded (as you noted), I didn’t notice that. I’ve changed it now. I’ve also tilted the bottom texts and adjusted the kerning a little, to be more easily readable like you advised.

Do you think this is good?

@n2n44 Please check.

lol is there anything changed here ? lol i do not see a real change o be honest …


I’ve changed the Services font to a more simpler one, and I think it is more easier to read now. Can you give your review please?

yes u are right this is … though this is better indeed, i still can’t help believing that it would have been a bit better o have straight more readable text by finding a way to go back from the slanted style to the normal one indeed

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This is what I could come up with… I didn’t refine it a lot:

Although I liked the slanted version better, the design looked more cohesive in that style to me… Do you think that has as good a chance to get approved? If it doesn’t, then I’ll work on refining this normal version.

hi i think that the services part is better like this , though the problem is that u did not fix the rest the right way , by creating one block one side and the other the other side …which used u into having text flagged on both left and right , no not really making sense … i would have been better to move the logo th other side even if not flollowing the z-shape reading process, after all so many people do not follow without anyone cares for this …
pls do as u wish … i think that posting the previous version somewhere else would rather be likely to be the right solution for u … in my experience, things reworked were hard rejected again … on the other hand, some guys repost without changing anything and get the thing accepted or when they have reworked the item … basically , as usual, definitely super hard to understand what to expect when it comes to reviewing , thus i think that if u go to post somewhere u have some chance to have the former version sold, the previous one being quite fair
otherwise, if u feel like doing it, pls give the layered version, i will try to do what i have in mind to solve your issue as soon as i have a bit time ahead, your problems being concentrated on the lower part of the flyer …

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I’ve emailed the layered file to you… Via your GR profile page, couldn’t find your direct email address. :smile:

The layers are in a bit of a raw state, I haven’t fully named and organized them… I do that as the last step after everything is finalized.

You can find the text layers organized on the top though… :smiley:

@n2n44 Incredible suggestion! :smile:

I liked the first t1 version you shared (as I really wanted to retain the footer shape)… It gives the right amount of focus on the logo and the secondary texts are more readable…

I also noticed that almost no other approved flyers on GraphicRiver use slanted secondary text, and I think I see why you suggested posting the slanted version elsewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks heaps and heaps for helping me out! :smile:

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i did not check for this buddy , but this is kind of logical in a way as slanted secondary texts basically means hardly readable text, so why having the concerned texts in the end? lol the good thing on this disposition is that u can drag the logo to another strategical point for it to enjoy high impact as the central zone of the canvas is a focus one …

one of the things that u may have done is a progressive darkener at the bottom of the page so that u can emphasize the smaller text of the footer and potentially take out the shadow of it , to help reinforce the text about services … , for this, u need to take a big brush , use the black color and paint smoothly the complete back of the canvas from one side to the other and afterwards play with the opacity and fusion modes to make it no massive but enough visible for it to look like a transition maker so to speak


I tried it, and it seems to have worked…

It seems to give more attention to the Services than the contact info… Although I didn’t completely remove the shadows as it seemed to make it look different…