Charge twice for payment

I recently purchased a plugin " Chauffeur Taxi Booking System for WordPress" from codecanyon for 79$ + 3$ = 82$ but it deducts twice almost 164$ (45000+)pkr. Kindly check your system and please refund me half once. Thanks
Here is the screenshot of my bank statement…
Please verify that…

Check your “statement” page on your account and make sure you didn’t purchase the item twice. If so, you can request a refund for one of them

i have checked i have only purchased one time and only one product. same product and charges deducted double.

Only support can check into billing issues like this – Envato Market Help and Support

However, if those charges are still showing as “pending” on your bank statement, then it’s likely that one of them will automatically disappear a day or two after the other one finishes processing.