Envato Payout Double Fee

Dear Envato,

As you guys have new payout system, I would like to request you to please send Envato Payout and Elements Payout as one payment because it’s charging fee twice so suppose I earn $5k as Envato earning and $500 as Elements earning thn Envato fee is applicable on both payments individually though the payment method is same, We can not use two different payment method for both so why charging fee two times.

You are sending money in single account but charging two times or Am I missing something?

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If you were complaining about why your ThemeForest and GraphicRiver payment comes separately, it would make sense but Envato ( Marketplace ) and Elements are different, they cannot “add” the total into one payment and send it to you.

Bro, Just understand that the company platform is same with different segment, We are showing our Envato/Themeforest items on Elements, We have not created anything different for Elements. We are paying 25+25 USD withdrawal fee if we take (USD)money in our bank and if we take money in our currency thn the conversion rates are below PayPal.

Hi @Jthemes,

As far as I can understand -
Envato Market and Envato Elements are 2 different sources, they are different platforms. From the start, they send payout on 2 different days each month (the 15th for Market and the 16th for Elements). As Envato Market and Envato Elements are 2 different platforms their earning calculation will be individually and will be sent accordingly.

I know brother, This is just a request to them to avoid extra fee which me and other authors are paying.

Brother, You are welcome to any beneficial request, and better to open a help ticket and let them know.


its seems you are indian author , you can avoid 25 usd as swift and use indian provider for bank transfer and get it done in 1 usd fee only with live forex and better rates not paypal or swift with other indian provdiers

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We did that too but conversion rates which we get from Envato is not good.

you need to take usd payment to indian provider which charges 1 usd and indian provider do live forex conversation

you can dm if you had confusion