i purchase a code but payment deduct two times

i purchase a this code “cirilla - Multipurpose Flutter App For Wordpress & Woocommerce by appcheap” using my card but payment failed then i use second card and payment was successful after few minutes i received a sms of both cards payment deducted and i need a payment of first card

Contact support but probably first transaction has been already canceled and refunded already. Just may take a while to see it on your account.

website not reachable

Works fine on my end, the reason why you had problem could be related to your internet connection. ( or browser/cache )

Try again with another browser.

request raised and ticket number is 3564680

Allow 3-5 working days to get a proper solution, support can be slow

“I recently bought a code, but I noticed that the payment was deducted from my account twice. I only intended to make one purchase, so I was surprised to see the double charge. Could someone help me resolve this issue? I would like to request a refund for the duplicate payment. Thank you for your assistance.”

Follow my previous suggestion…

raise a refund request to envato