Payment Return



Yesterday i try to purchase enfold theme and add to cart but because of insufficient balance the payment couldn’t processed and then at that time i close my browser. Today i recharge my card and again add to cart and process the payment but because of yesterday cart, i payed double for the same theme so i need to back my extra payment.

please help me to find the solution.

thank you in advanced.



Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

Open a Envato help ticket from Here




The best way to get this solution is Contact your purchased Theme Author and told the fact and request them to give refund for one Item where you purchased twice. I am very much expecting the theme Author will assist you to fix it and will provide you a link how to request refund

If Author not agree with you only then please contact Contact Support



I created tickets but still not get any reply.


I commented on author but still not get any reply.

what to do.



Please contact Envato Support. If you did already then please keep patience because of weekend.



thank you so much @mgscoder and @unlockdesign. i got the payment back to my visa card after 2 weeks.

thanks again for your quickly reply.