Double purchased by mistake same thing and can't get refund


I added two different products to my cart and by some reason two of the same were added instead of the other I wanted to buy. Ending price was quite similar therefore I ended purchasing same product twice. How I can fix this? The seller told he could not do any refund therefore told me to contact support. I contacted some support and the whole day no response. I am trying to avoid opening paypal dispute.

Assuming that you sent a ticket the support via here Envato Market Help and Support then they will reply ASAP and should be able to help.

Unfortunately exact reply time can’t be guaranteed.

Just for clarity opening a dispute with PayPal will result in your account and ALL purchases being blocked until it is resolved, so more often than not, this actually slows the process down.


Well I am going to wait. I already sent another ticket and now got some automated reply. But you should seriously consider adding a warning message in your cart when some product is added more than once. Would save us all a load of trouble with a couple of lines of code.

Actually as we know each Item license will be valid for a single end product. So, any customer can add more than 1 quantity in their cart if they need to use the item for more than 1 end product (as like for 2 individual website will need 2 license of theme/template/plugin).

Thanks for your patience, envato customer success team will reply you as quickly they can and will help you.



I believe your position is incorrect and I am just trying to help this doesn’t happens to other people or myself in the future. I for instance will be super careful if buying next time cause that cart looks dangerous and tricky. That use case of people buying more than one item should be the least common and a warning will not prevent a customer from buying.

Sort like “do you want to save your work before closing this app”.

Another option is, users can configure their cart so that their specific cart doesn’t behaves so misleading. I would do it right away cause currently I don’t trust it. And I am very unlikely to buy two licenses at any given time.

Customer care would save lots of extra effort, sellers will get less refunds, you would get less disputes and customers less time having trouble. I fortunately had more money to buy the item I was missing otherwise would have to just be jammed. I am still jammed since I don’t know what would happen or would require total refund and then later repurchase. I haven’t downloaded any of the two items which is stopping me from continuing my work.

Another thing I noticed is that I had in my cart another item likely added months ago, when tried to purchase the last time. That cart doesn’t forgets. This is another source of mistakes. I had to empty my cart since I was already super careful with it. Misleading.