Codecanyon Plugin Problem "Chauffeur Booking System for WordPress"

Hello, I have a question to see if can give me opinions or help.

I buy a plugin the name is “Chauffeur Booking System for WordPress”, basically it is a transfer booking plugin.

The Bookings in more than 90% are from people from other countrys, so many have their computers in languages ​​other than English.

Recently I have noticed that if a person enters my page, with the Chrome browser, or some similar, and if the browser is not in english and configured to translate the pages into the language of the person, I mean anything other than in English, the plugin Stop working

I sent a message commenting this to the author of the plugin and the answer was that his plugin was fine that it was normal.
I sent a video, pictures of the error and nothing.

Try other plugins the demos of Codecanyon and in almost none that problem happens, I contacted the seller of the plugin and basically his answer was that my support time was over.

I explained that it was not a request for support but something that should be solved, since its plugin is sold just for that to take reservations to people traveling to our countries.

Can anything be done?

He is correct, if he is not, can you ask for some help from Envato since the plugin is hosted here and is sold and approved by envato ???

Thank you

Sorry my english