Charged twice for a payment

Hello All!

I recently purchased a script on CodeCanyon for $22. It told me I needed to confirm my email to make it go through, which I then did, but it still didn’t go through. It just said “Pending”. So, it told me to checkout again, so i did that, thinking it would set the one to active, but instead, it charged me twice. How can i get a refund? I’m not very happy about this, as in my account it still only shows 1 script. Is there someone that I can email that can help?

Please email me at: [email removed], as I can’t check this forum a lot. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you!



Hi @myhexatech,

Welcome to the forums! Please contact Envato Help and Support for support :slight_smile:


Based on the status and descriptions of the items… it looks like you haven’t actually been charged twice. I mean, you have, as your available balance will be $22 less than it should be, but that’s just an authorisation hold rather than an actual payment. It will be cancelled at some point and your balance will increase by $22. Might be in the next hour or two… could be several days. If you had been charged twice, then you’d have two licenses for the script.

Not sure why that has happened… I’ve paid here using Paypal several times before, and never had that happen. I do get an authorisation charge whenever I add a new payment to my Adobe payments… if it;s the first time you’ve paid here then it could be the same kind of thing. But to be fair, they authorise $1 rather than the full amount.

Support might be able to clarify the whys and the hows, but I can’t see any reason why you won’t have that money returned automatically.