Changing license to a new domain

I purchased the X theme and have my license code.
I used the code on a 'godaddy pubload (temporary site). I just recently set up the site with my domain name and when I place the code in the x theme backend a message says the code is being used on another site.

So, a popup window appears and the APEX sign-in window pops up. Here I can change the site to the new name. However, Apex does not recognize my sign-in details. Apex also does not recognize my e-mail address. I tried to set up a new account but they won’t let me using the code I have.

All I want to do is change my license for a new website.
Who do I contact? I have a legitimate code.

Hello there! :slight_smile:

You should get in touch with the author of the theme, which is @THEMECO. They can help you fix any activation issues. You can contact them from the item’s “support” tab linked below:

Hope that helps!