Revoke and reassign licenses

I would like to transfer my license (ThemeForest) for X Theme or WPBakery from . from no-longer-existing websites to a new ones. I can no longer remove them from the sites themselves, so where is the product license management page? Spent days on this- Dead in the Water. Please help, someone!


Just a reminder that if it’s a different project you’re trying to use the website for, you will need to purchase a new license. The licence is only good for one individual project, even if that project is no longer operating.


So if I use a theme or plugin for a site, and the site owner changes the domain name, we have to purchase a new license?

No that is still considered the same project. But if the business closes etc. you couldn’t just use the theme to design a new site for a different business.

OK. The site I am referring to right now is still in business, but I deleted the original site from my hosting account because someone grabbed the domain when we accidently forgot to renew it. I no longer have access to it. How can I remove the X theme from that domain name and reassign it?

Ahhh ok. If it’s still the same business you can contact the author of the theme to get them to release the license so you can use it on the new domain THEMECO's profile on ThemeForest

Hope that helps! :grin: