I want to change my old domain with new domain at my present licence of themeforest, can i change it

Kindly guide me, how can i change my domain in my existing licence for themes.
i want to remove my present domain.
and i want to add my new domain in my present licence.
how can i do??

Hi @Theownschool ,

To use purchase code again which already used for any website (mean theme license already registered) you have to unregister/deactivate the theme license from the old domian/website. you can not use the same purchase code for more than 1 website.


Thanks Mgscoder,

its mean i can regesiter my new domain with present licence.
just i need to remove firstly my present registerd domain
i am right?

yes, you have to unregister the theme license not just delete the website/domain. after unregister the theme license you have to remove the theme from the old website/domain then you will be able to use the theme license for the new website/domain. If you need help you can get in touch with the theme author. Thanks


how can i connect with theme author?

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query: