Changes are NOT being implemented!!!!!! - Wordpress Theme, Wisten.



I AM DESPERATE!!! I’ve paid for 12 months of support and need help NOW!
I’m not sure if I opened a ticket this past Tuesday (1/8/19) or not. So, I’m posting again!!

I have been making simple text changes to the Wisten theme, BUT THEY ARE NOT SHOWING UP IN BROWSERS! And I paid for 12 months of support! I can see the changes when I’m in the dashboard, but that’s all. However, the changes I’ve been making to the SmartSlider ARE working properly.


i need to get these changes up and live for my client or I will lose him!!!

Thank you in advance.


You need to contact the theme author for support, not here on the forum. I think this is your item:

Use “Go to item support” button and there you need to open your ticket.


This is public forum not help desk for that template. Do you have all up to date? Do you have cache plugin active?


I emailed them last Tuesday, and no response.
This was my last hope.


post a comments going through Item details page then Comments tab to let the Auhtor know that you emailed them.