Changes are NOT being implemented!!!!!! - Wordpress Theme, Wisten.

I AM DESPERATE!!! I’ve paid for 12 months of support and need help NOW!
I’m not sure if I opened a ticket this past Tuesday (1/8/19) or not. So, I’m posting again!!

I have been making simple text changes to the Wisten theme, BUT THEY ARE NOT SHOWING UP IN BROWSERS! And I paid for 12 months of support! I can see the changes when I’m in the dashboard, but that’s all. However, the changes I’ve been making to the SmartSlider ARE working properly.


i need to get these changes up and live for my client or I will lose him!!!

Thank you in advance.

You need to contact the theme author for support, not here on the forum. I think this is your item:

Use “Go to item support” button and there you need to open your ticket.

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This is public forum not help desk for that template. Do you have all up to date? Do you have cache plugin active?

I emailed them last Tuesday, and no response.
This was my last hope.

post a comments going through Item details page then Comments tab to let the Auhtor know that you emailed them.