themeForest wordpress issue

Hi My name is Garry I purchased themeForest from you a couple of days ago.
I am having issues with the product I have uploaded it to the wordPress themes folder, however I get this in the Theme area:
Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.

Hoping you can help me with my predicament

Kind regards


Sounds like you may be installing the wrong file, or you’ve purchased something other than a WordPress theme.

Best to contact the author by heading to the support tab of the item page.

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Thanl You SpaceStockFootage for the quick response.

I have done that Yesterday, seems I get a better response here than the author, although he does say via his support page 24 hrs, then when I look at the post above mine well it’s 12 months old, so maybe his sales have dropped hence his feedback NONE.

Hi @harrigarry - support from the theme author is your best option here, so you should hear back from them soon if you have already contacted them.

Which WordPress theme have you purchased? That might help to identify whether any other customers have the same issue.

Thank you Ben also for your quick response.


Not sure if it is for Wordpress, AdobeMuse or a standalone, in a way is seems to be, although the author has included an instagram gallery which comes with a plugin, so that in itself is a bit confusing, as in how do I install a plug-in into a standalone single page parallax website.

Kind regards

Hi @harrigarry,

We realize that all those types and names of software may be confusing, and would be able to provide you with more help if you tell us what item you have purchased.

Most likely you are trying to install non-wordpress theme on WordPress, which is never gonna work. There is no way to install WP plugin on a HTML website as well.


HI Lucalogos

This is the link to what I have actually purchased hopefully you can help.

Thank you for your response to my querry.
Kind Regards

That’s a HTML template so will never work on WP.

I agree though that the author using the word “Theme” in the title is very misleading

Any idea at all Charlie how does one insert a plug in into this HTML Doc at all,

Thanks for your response

Any help is appreciated very much.

Kind regards

Unfortunately the only way is to modify/rebuild it for WP which is not a quick job and requires development knowledge

whya would anyone put somthing like this out there, and expect monies for something not completed, still waiting on a reply from this guy.

Very disappointed

But than you all the same Charlie

While I agree that calling it a theme and not a template was not a good decision - the item is clearly listed in the HTML template category and not as a WP theme so in that sense it is completed as it should be for that item type

I’ll come up with a workaround

Thanks charlie4282

Kind Regards