Can't Log In - Can't Purchase Subscription

I can’t log into Envato Elements and purchase a yearly subscription. I’ve tried 6 different emails. Clearing cache and history. Different browsers. Different devices. Getting the same error every time:

Sorry, we weren’t able to sign you in using that link. You can try signing in again.

Is this service broken? How is anyone signing up for this service?


Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


Yep, waiting to hear from them. Thanks.

any news?

Yeah, they sent an obscure message saying that they’ve, “re-enabled my account”. Re-enabled what!? I never had an account. I tried making an an account with multiple email addresses, multiple credit cards. Not sure how this service is still in business but I’ve moved on to using a competitor.

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I am facing the same problem. I even tried creating a new account with a different email and when i filled in my credit card information i was locked out now i am getting " Sorry, we weren’t able to sign you in using that link. You can try signing in again."

I have also tried different browsers, and different credit cards all in vain!

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Hello, I’m also experiencing the same error. I have created a support request for a solution, and I will write the outcome here.

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Hi, I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve it? envato support is not responding…

If you cannot login, then there are various reasons why this could happen:

It might be that your email address, IP address has been logged as having an issue.

Hello. There is no solution unfortunately. I think it is a system error. However, there is no explanation regarding this issue. I will turn to another platform because the support and explanations are really too mediocre to suit here.

Hello, I have just bought a monthly subscription to Envato Elements and now I also face the same issue : Welcome!

Sorry, we weren’t able to sign you in using that link. You can try signing in again.

I’ve already contacted envato support and am awaiting an outcome.

Future edit - Right then so i have some information to add. I bought the 1 month subscription costing me £43 and i created an account while on the payment stage. Once i went through witht he payment all was good… 6 minutes later my page got refreshed and i was no longer able to log back into my account. when i tried logging in it said that my account was connected to my google account so that I had to log in through that but when I did so the link didn’t work and told me to try logging in again. this process repeated over and over. I searched online and found no one else talking about an experience like this and so i contacted their support. To be honest they got back to make quite quickly but told me that i needed to provide them with some information in order to assist me further (name, phone number, email, last 4 digits of card) I did so and got no reply for hours and hours after that and bare in mind they work in Australia, melbourne and Mexico, Guadalajara. It was currently 9am at the time i responded back to them and 2pm in mexico. (they had previously messaged me before that time so it’s not liek they’re asleep) I read many articles online mentioning how they sometimes scam people and dont even accept refunds. So i went into their terms of service and that comforted me a bit once I knew about them. I checked my emails for evidence just in case i needed it in the future and i found them. First the ‘Welcome to your new subscription’ email. 6mins later when my page got refreshed i got an email saying my 1 month subscription has been expired… within 6 minutes on the app by the way… Then i got another email saying they successfully refunded me and so I thought that was alright and checked my bank and they didn’t refund me. the payment was in pending. meaning my money was taken out of my account and they just didn’t accept it. I couldn’t do anything so it was in their hands to accept it or just to leave it in pending for 2 weeks and waste my time. Their terms of service say something about situations like this takign 5 days or so but I mean i payed for a 30 day subscription so if i waited 5 days that thats me paying full price for 25/30 days. So i felt like i was being scammed and phoned my bank about getting a refund (charge back). Basically if you dont know what this is then it means if you money is still in pending after 15 days for example (every bank has a different set amount of days before you can get a refund but generally is aroudn 2 weeks) then you can request a refund (chargeback) and then they should be able to refund in time given that you hold onto your evidence (the emails and what not) Literally about 2 hours ago I got refunded my £43 but with no emails or anything.
So to summarise, I payed for a months subscription, got logged out within 6 mins on the app, got emails saying that my 1 month subscription has expired and that i got refunded when I clearly hadn’t, Contacted support and provided the further information and then got ignored for about a day and then finally i got refunded out of the blue.
I’m not going to tell you whether or not you should buy envato elements since thats up to you. They do provide great services as proven by many youtubers and other people but from my personal experience I will never be using this service again as you can understand. I hope this helps someone if they ever face the same issues

Last thing, I probably wont respond to this forum again if you reply but if your facing the same problem and want to speak to somebody to faced the same issue then you can email me at: . I have quite a few bookmarks regarding their laws and terms of service to use against them if they aren’t leaning towards a refund. Thanks for your time and have a lovely day!

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if you see this message then i suggest you read the comment i put below yours. It includes my whole experience with envato, good and bad. If you need further information then you can contact me by the email I give.

Edit - Not sure how this was flagged as inappropriate? I’m just giving advice

I live in Turkey and something like this happened to me. They locked my account last week.

They cite 55 articles, yet they are alert enough to see from our IP address that we live in Turkey.

Even though I sent e-mails many times, they did not open my account.
We are customers, we are in Turkey, I will sue this Envato group and company. I purchased the theme, then before I could download the files, they blocked my membership and did not refund the money I paid

please who is the competitor so I can subscribe to them, I don’t think Envato is serious about their business.