Can't get to support for a theme. cycling to approval every time

I’m quite frustrated trying to figure out how to get the footer to show in the Photography with the Flow gallery template. To Submit a Ticket as I can’t find documentation to help and I’m not figuring it out, I’m trying to submit a ticket for the paid for support however when I click on Verify Purchase with Envato and then click approval the system cycles back to choose a topic for support which I do and then am asked to verify purchase again.
Please help. I’ve already paid for support but can’t get any.
Thank you for your help with this

Hello! :slight_smile:

Have you tried contacting the author of that item? Is that where you’re having the trouble with verifying your purchase? Or is it when you try and open a ticket with the Envato Help Team?

I’m not sure if this is the item you’re talking about, but it looks like you can contact the author directly -