Can't get purchase verification code from Creative Themes for Landscaper theme so can't submit support ticket..

I am stuck in a loop. My developer and I both haven’t heard back about getting the required purchase code for the Landscaper theme so that I can submit support tickets at
Without them giving us our purchase code, we are stuck in a loop where we can’t get support using the theme we purchased.
Anyone who can help us get an answer from Creative Themes?

The author actually won’t be able to give you the purchase code, because they themselves cannot see your purchase code until you provide it to them.

Envato manages purchase codes and you can find them from your downloads page. See instructions:


Hi jadiemay,

You can find the purchase code under the download section of your account. Please follow the steps in the link that baileyherbert posted.

Our support is happy to answer any question you have.

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I’m not aware of any steps posted, is there a link? Also, I don’t have access, that’s the reason I’ve been trying to submit a ticket.

  1. If you purchased the item then here is how to find the purchae code

  2. If someone else purchased it then they will need to get the code and give it to you