Purchase code

I would like to update a theme that I purchased in 2016 but the problem I am encountering is that on my WordPress site the version is not up to date and doesn’t offer me to download the latest version. So I went to the developer’s page on the Envato site for help. New problem: to submit a ticket I need my purchase code but I can’t find it, can you help me please?

Unfortunately this purchase doesn’t appear in my downloads.

Are you sure this is the correct account?

Yes I’m sure

There may be a bug with your account. Do you see the “download button” on the item page that you have purchased?

Yes, it says:

“You have 1 license for this item.”

You can use the “Download item” button to get the latest updates for the item while reporting the bug to Envato Support

ok thanks!

Contact the author first:

If you can’t get the support/help needed, you can contact Envato support after: