Can't download audio file previews

Hi there!
Trying to download audio file previews, but I alway get an error message like this in my browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox):

This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


Thanks for any help.

Hi André, I just tried to download some audio preview and I had no problem.
Where did you get that link? That link doesn’t seems to be from an audio preview.

Just tried it, and I have the same issue as André.

Thats wierd I can download with no problem. I am using chrome on windows 7.
I just tried on smartphone and no problem.

What URL do you get when you click on 'download preview"? Maybe it’s an A/B testing of a new preview manager… Don’t know what else it could be.

For exemple this is the link I get in one of your tracks.
The link is bigger I Just Cut it and add…

You’ve taken that link directly from the track’s item page, right? I just tried that and it works for me too, with the same type of URL.

But when taken from the search results list, I have the same type of URL as André, which doesn’t work.

Ohh I was dowloading from the item page but now I tried directly from the search results ang I get same error page

Hi guys,
Thanks for your testing efforts. Just to be a litte more precise: Same as you, when I try to download the preview audio from the search results page I get the error message mentioned. But when entering the details page for the audio and clicking the link there, it seems to work.

Search results (does not work), click on the file " [Mechanical Sci-Fi Interface Transition 3] by [StormwaveAudio]

Direkt access (works)


Hi @andregasser,

I’ve just confirmed that you’re right, it’s a bug on our side. We’ve replaced the DNS entry with a new version, but apparently we missed one of the places we used the old one. My apologies – we’ll work on correcting this right away.

Hi Ross,
That’s great news! Thanks for fixing.


Hi again @andregasser,

This is fixed now – thanks very much for raising it! Let me know if you see any further trouble.